Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recipe: Carrot Ginger Apple Juice

Last week, my brother and I were in the mood for carrot cake so I decided to make and film a somewhat healthier version of this scrumptious dessert. The recipe called for around two cups of carrots, grated and strained. I forgot to pick up cheesecloth at the grocery store, but I soon realized that I could have easily acquired the "grated and strained" effect from carrots if I used their pulp from a juicer! That meant a new project--so as a result, this recipe (and video) was born!! I think using leftover pulp from your carrot juice works incredibly well for this sort of recipe: as a result, my carrot cake was not soggy or mushy at all! The texture rendered light and slightly crumbly, but the shape held together for the most part. In short, it was just divine! There were no chunks except that of the raisins and desiccated coconut--exactly the effect I was looking for! I would totally just roll the batter up into little balls or cut them into bars for a snack the next time I make them (which I will)! 

The juice was pretty good as well--for a juice, it was surprisingly rich and the ginger gave it the perfect amount of pizazz! (Haha seriously, who even uses that cheesy word anymore?) I haven't juiced since the summer so I forgot how ridiculously simple it is to pump out a glass of liquid gold (or orange, in this case). The only thing that's somewhat of a nuisance is cleaning the entire contraption. Does anyone know of an easier way to accomplish this? As the weather warms up, I'm looking forward to making more juices and smoothies! Ah, I am loving spring! 


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